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Ben White is a passionate painter known for his acrylic works that blend expressionism and abstract art. 

Born in New Mexico, he has traveled extensively across Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. Inspired by his travels and guided by a curious spirit, Ben aims to leave a lasting impact on the art world and contribute to positive change through his artistic endeavors.

Artistic Style:


Ben's style blends vibrant colors, expressive brushstrokes, and imaginative interpretations. Inspired by nature and human emotions, he captures fleeting moments through expressionistic techniques and explores boundaries of abstraction. Acrylics enable him to experiment with textures and layering, resulting in dynamic and captivating compositions.

Themes and Inspirations:


Ben draws inspiration from his global experiences, incorporating diverse landscapes and cultures into his artwork. Light, color, and the human condition are recurring themes, inviting viewers on introspective journeys. His art reflects the ever-changing world and sparks conversations about our shared existence.


Entrepreneurial Spirit:


Beyond his artistry, Ben embraces an entrepreneurial mindset. He believes in the potential of art combined with entrepreneurship to effect positive change. By fearlessly starting new projects and challenging conventions, he aims to push the boundaries of artistic expression and inspire others to make a difference.


Since 1975, the Amstelveense Kunstbelangen Foundation (SAKB) has been a solid center for training and practicing the visual arts. A center for high-quality study and exchange of contemporary knowledge, the foundation cultivates a community of people who like to be visual. In this way, SAKB contributes to the cultural development and enrichment of the larger Amsterdam region.

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